Why Sell to Us?

Like you, we’re PC enthusiasts that hate to see old components collecting dust or thrown out. We offer hassle-free and direct ways to dispose of old components for cash!

Quick & Easy

At SellMyPCPart we understand that a seamless and streamlined process is paramount! Through our quick offers and timely processing, you’ll have money in your pockets in no time!

Hassle Free & Competitive Offers

Tired of trying to sell locally with time consuming classified ads only to be constantly “low-balled”? We understand your frustration! We are constantly monitoring the used PC component market. We provide reasonable offers with value added services for a quick and hassle free sale.

Canadian Owned & American Loved

SellMyPCPart is a Canadian based company where we take pride in serving our domestic and American customers. Regardless where you are, we strive to provide competitive offers (in $USD) and a seamless process!

Get Paid Quickly and Securely

We understand customers want to get paid as quickly as possible. That’s why we provide two convenient payment methods; PayPal or cheque. After your components have been successfully tested, a payment will be issued within three days, but we strive to get you paid ASAP!


Because of the border between us, we're unable to provide prepaid shipping waybills. However, with every offer made to our USA customers, we include a flat rate shipping reimbursement on top of your primary offer. The reimbursement value will depend on your items. You pick the carrier of choice, but we suggest the ones below. We will need a tracking number. For packing details, Click here

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