Sell Mining Rig

sell mining rig
sell mining rig

Are you looking to upgrade or get rid of your old mining rig? Keep it from collecting dust and taking up space. It’s time to sell your mining rig for cash! At SellMyPCParts, we make the process quick and hassle-free. Fill out our offer form, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours with a competitive offer for your mining rig. We monitor the used market closely and are able to provide fair offers for your components.


Once our offer is  accepted, follow our shipping instructions to ship the item to us! After successfully testing the component(s), we’ll transfer money straight into your PayPal account or send a check within three days – it’s that simple! Join the countless satisfied customers who’ve sold their mining rigs to us! If you are also one of them wondering where I can sell my mining rig for great returns on investment, contact us without wasting a second!

Why Choose Us?

Looking to sell your old PC parts but tired of the hassle, no shows and/or lowball offers from selling locally? Or maybe fed up with the high fees, risk of fraudulent buyers or returns with online platforms? Look no further than SellMyPCPart! Our process is quick, easy, and competitive. Within 24 hours of filling out our offer form, we’ll provide you with a fair value for your used gear based on current market trends. 


When you accept our offer, we make things even more effortless by sending you an email with shipping instructions. After receiving and testing your part(s), we’ll send payment directly through PayPal or check within three days.

But that’s not all—at SellMyPCPart, we pride ourselves on being true PC enthusiasts who share in the love of upgrading hardware while reducing waste in a hassle-free way that also puts money back into people’s pockets! Our Canadian-based company may be located north of the border, but it has been built upon nearly a decade of relationships catered to American customers who know they can trust us for honesty, transparency, efficient customer service, and reliable compensation every time! Don’t settle for less – choose SellMyPCPart today!


We understand that the market of used items isn’t pretty or glamorous! At SellMyPCPart, it’s our mission to make sure you have an excellent experience when selling your components online. Trust us for quick turnaround times, great rates, and outstanding customer support from start to finish!

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