Time To Ship!


  • Use an anti-static bag.
  • It’s recommended that there is 1” of foam/padding/packing peanuts around the item(s).
  • Send in the the original box if possible


Shipping Reimbursement  – As part of your offer, you’ve been provided a shipping reimbursement offer to cover all or a portion of your shipping expenses.

CarrierShip with a carrier of your choice to the address below, but ensure you’re able to obtain a tracking # as we will require it.  We recommend either USPS or FedEx Ground.

#120 – 4810 50th ave
Leduc, AB T9E6X9

REF:  [your REF#]

InsurancePurchasing shipping insurance is at your discretion.  SellMyPCPart.com will not be held accountable for any damages incurred during the shipping process.

Customs – We pay for any customs, duties or taxes on our end, but please ensure that the declared value of the item is equal to your offer, otherwise we may decline the delivery of your item.


Once your item has been shipped, please respond to your offer email with the tracking #.  If you forget, don’t worry, we’ll follow-up with you… We require this tracking #.  Keep a copy of the tracking number for your personal reference, but please know we monitor all packages internally. Once it’s received on our end and successfully tested, you’ll be notified. Payment will follow within 72 hours.

We Look Forward To Serving You!