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Time To Ship!


  • All components should be protected with an anti-static bag.
  • When packing your components, please ensure there’s 0.5-1″ of packing material between your box and components.
  • Due to shipping constraints, we do not recommend shipping larger items (eg// graphic cards) in their original box.
  • While packing your components is important, we kindly ask our customers to pack conservatively to avoid shipping delays and/or issues. In other words, using appropriately sized boxes and packing material within our mentioned guidelines above.   Thank you


Are your components packed and ready be shipped? 

If so, great! Click this LINK to provide package weight and dimensions.  We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label within 24 hours.

Don’t worry.. An email has also been sent to you with this link and information.  If you don’t see it, please check your junk mail folder.


Once you’ve received your waybill, please drop off at a post office at your earliest convenience (<4 days).  Delays may result in a voided offer.  Keep a copy of the tracking number for your personal reference, but please know we monitor all packages internally. Once it’s received on our end and successfully tested (within 3 days), you’ll be notified. Payment will follow within 36 hours.

We Look Forward To Serving You!