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    • You have provided accurate and true information of your PC component that you subsequently received an offer and reference # for.
    • The information and personal details provided above is true and accurate.
    • The PC component is in good, operating condition and there are no parts missing or damaged.
    • You are the sole and rightful owner of the PC component and it is not stolen, counterfeit or fraudulent and are therefore able to sell it to SellMyPCPart.com
    • You have and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

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    • You agree to release SellMyPCPart of any claims or liability from the shipping carrier while items are in transit and in possession of the carrier.
    • To ensure all personal data on your storage devices and/or memory chips are removed prior to shipping.
    • SellMyPCPart does ensure that data is professionally erased to a point where it may not be recoverable but does not make any guarantees. You agree to release SellMyPCPart from any claim or liability with data stored on the product you send us.
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